Stellite alloys


ORIC Italiana S.r.l. produces and sells Stellite in all its forms. Stellite is a Cobalt alloy with excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, abrasion and erosion, maintaining its characteristics across a wide temperature range. For these properties, Stellite is increasingly used where there are very severe conditions of use.

The ORIC catalogue is made up of special metals and the Stellite alloys are available in different formats:

Stellite is widely used in all industrial sectors:

  • Casting
  • Precision casting
  • Centrifuged parts
  • Sintered materials
  • Bars
  • Components
  • Laminates
  • Flat parts
  • Coating material (plain rods – electrodes – wires – powders)
  • Food: blades – shutters – pumps – rolls – seats
  • Aeronautics: bushings – turbine blades – rotors
  • Energetic: bushings – cones and nozzles for Pelton wheels
  • Plastic: knives – screws for extruders
  • Wood: teeth – blades – tools
  • Metallurgical: bushings – knives – rollers
  • Petroleum: shafts – bushings – shutters – pumps – seats
  • Glass: rings – taps







Common types of Stellite:


Stelloric® 370 (Grade 20) HRc 57 fragile – excellent resistance to abrasion – corrosion
Stelloric® 371 (Grade 1) HRc 55 fragile – excellent resistance to abrasion – corrosion
Stelloric® 372 (Grade 12) HRc 48 ductile/fragile – good resistance to abrasion
Stelloric® 373 (Grade 3) HRc 53 fragile – excellent resistance to abrasion
Stelloric® 375 (Special) HRc 50 similar to 373 but more ductile
Stelloric® 384 (Grade 4) HRc 47 fragile – excellent resistance to abrasion – corrosion
Stelloric® 386 (Grade 6) HRc 40 ductile – excellent resistance to cavitation – erosion
Stelloric® 388 (Grade 21) HRc 35 ductile – combines well cavitation – erosion – corrosion

ORIC is able to offer a wide range of Stellite products reaching cutting-edge and cost-effective technical solutions.
For more information and details on Stellite and Superalloys produced and sold by ORIC, please do not hesitate to contact our technical and sales staff.

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