The company Oric Italiana S.r.l. was founded in the Nineties by Mario Orlandoni and Jacques Monvernay. The demand for materials able to withstand increasingly extreme conditions of use has exponentially developed the use of Stellite; both founders already had a long track record working with Stellite and Superalloys sector, with particular attention to the related machining problems.

Oric Italiana S.r.l. not only guarantees the constant availability of Stellite in bars, small bars, electrodes, wire and powders in its warehouse, but is also able to produce custom-made pieces or coatings quickly to always meet the needs of its customers.

Over the years, for the production of Stellite, major investments have been made in innovative processes, including in terms of efficiency, and the entire fleet of machines has been extended.

Listed below are the strengths of Oric Italiana S.r.l.:

  • Solid know how
  • Eclectic versatility
  • Ready timeliness
  • Constant customer support

The company is able to provide the customer with a complete service that starts from the design of the component in Stellite, with the development of the three-dimensional model, up to its creation and the final checks.

The Oric Italiana S.r.l. Team is fully available to satisfy any customer request.

Oric Italiana s.r.l. headquarters

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