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Nickel Alloys (inconel-incoloy-monel-hastelloy *)


ORIC Italiana S.r.l. produces and sells Nickel alloys (Inconel-Incoloy-Monel-Hastelloy) in all its forms. Nickel alloys excellently resist corrosion, oxidation and high temperatures.

A large number of elements are added to improve the mechanical performance of the Nickel alloys (Inconel-Incoloy-Monel-Hastelloy): for example, titanium, aluminium, niobium originate intermetallic phases by means of adequate heat treatment. Elements such as chromium and iron can harden these alloys and, with the addition of carbon, form carbides.

The ORIC catalogue has several sizes of alloys Nichel

The Nickel alloys are used in all industrial sectors:

  • Casting
  • Precision casting
  • Centrifuged parts
  • Sintered materials
  • Forged parts
  • Bars
  • Sheets
  • Belts
  • Tubes
  • Coating and welding material (small bars – electrodes – wires – powders)
  • Food: blades – shutters – pumps – rolls – seats
  • Chemical: shafts – catalysts – cathodes – condensers – pumps – reactors – exchangers
  • Energy: shafts – aspirators – bushings – plates – reactors – drains – pipes – valves
  • Metallurgical: bushings – knives – plates – rollers
  • Glass: rings – collars – taps – moulds

Common types of Nickel Alloys:


Nickel 200/201 commercially pure nickel – excellent resistance to corrosion
Monel 400 excellent resistance to toughness – good resistance to corrosion
Monel K500 hardened by ageing – similar to 400 with high mechanical properties
Inconel 600/601 excellent resistance to high temperatures
Inconel 617 exceptional resistance to carburization at high temperatures
Inconel 625 excellent resistance to pitting – corrosion
Inconel 718 excellent resistance to corrosion at high temperatures
Inconel X750 hardened by precipitation – high resistance to creep
Incoloy 800/800HT excellent resistance to oxidation – nitriding
Incoloy 825 excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking – pitting
Hastelloy C276 excellent resistance to corrosion – pitting – stress corrosion cracking
Hastelloy C4 similar to C276 but with greater stability at high temperatures
Hastelloy C22 exceptional resistance to corrosion
Hastelloy B2/B3 excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid
Hastelloy G30 excellent resistance to phosphoric-nitric-sulphuric acid
Hastelloy X excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures

The staff at Oric Italiana S.r.l. is at your disposal to provide more information and details on Nickel alloys  (Inconel-Incoloy-Monel-Hastelloy).

* Monel-Inconel-Incoloy are registered trademarks of Special Metals Corporation Inc.

* Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International Inc.